Testimonials - Barbells & Bows
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What The #BarbellsAndBowsSquad Has To Say About Their Results

“Kristin helped me cut from 67kg to the 61-63kg range and it was the easiest cut of my life. I never felt super hungry and has been very sustainable; I am continuing to get to eat even more food now! This is the best my relationship with food has ever been, which is huge for me. This way of eating allows me to eat what I want and lose weight without feeling like I’m being restrictive. I continued to get stronger and saw no signs of strength loss at all! I felt I had more energy during training and just felt better in general. The Facebook group is another super helpful part of the process. Kristin, Jami, and the other community members offer plenty of advice and support throughout the journey.  Kristin is both super encouraging and inspiring, and I plan on continuing to work with her for the long term as body re-composition is not a quick process. Excited to see where I go from here!”

Candace Goodson

I started working with Barbells and Bows with the goal of competing in the 63kg weight class for my first powerlifting meet. I was assigned Kristin as my coach and we got started right away. What I love about this program is how flexible it is. I can make it work for my own schedule and with foods that I LOVE to eat. My weight was like a roller-coaster, but on a definite downward trend. Trusting the process can be hard, but it works! If I had a weekend planned out with my friends that involved food/drinking, Kristin was there to help me with my macros for the week so I could go into my weekend without worry. The Facebook group is also highly supportive of everyone’s achievements (not just with hitting macros, but with all PRs). I hit my weight class three weeks out from the competition date and the changes I started to see in my body were fantastic! I learned so much and highly recommend Barbells and Bows to anyone looking to get a handle on their macros!”

Amber Humphrey

Being a part of the Barbells and Bows team was such a privilege! Kristin is a great coach, very motivational, encouraging, and supportive of your goals. I had great success working with her for 8+ months for nutrition coaching. She helped me achieve physique goals that I had not been able to obtain on my own after years and years of struggling. I encourage anyone who is needing nutritional help and guidance or has nutritional and fitness goals to join Kristin and the Barbells & Bows squad!”

Lauren Golleher

I reached out to Kristin about 8 weeks ago having been feeling defeated about my diet (or lack thereof) and not very happy with myself both in and out of the gym. I was tired, a little depressed, and my lifting numbers were decreasing while my weight was increasing. I was desperate and knew if I wanted a change, Kristin was the girl to help me. She immediately got back to me with a plan, told me to be patient, and to reach out to her if I needed any help. I came to understand I had basically been starving myself, so I was thrilled when I saw I would be eating MORE food (and more carbs than I’ve ever eaten!) Even though the extra calories and carbs freaked me out at first, I knew I needed to trust Kristin 100%. Guess what – the girl knows her stuff! After the first week, I was already feeling better – I hadmore energy and was excited that I finally had a plan! Although losing fat was not my main goal at the beginning, I have lost about 7 lbs. Initially, I wanted to build muscle, lose fat, have some abs, grow my booty, get stronger and faster in the box! Over the last 8 weeks, I have done all that and more. I’m starting to see an ab or two, I’m hitting PRs again, and I have so much energy. I eat what I want (as long as it fits in my macros), I’m not hungry, and ‘I  think my butt’s gettin big.’ More importantly, I have so much more confidence; I like myself again and I’m so excited to see what happens in the next eight weeks and onward. Kristin is always there to answer an email or a text at ALL hours of the day, is so supportive, encouraging, and genuinely excited when you do well. The support system from the Barbells and Bows community is priceless. I love that we all bounce things off each other, share stories, recipes, successes, failures – it really helps with the overall process! Reaching out to Kristin for help was honestly the Best. Decision. Ever.”

Kellie Huston

I had 100% success with Barbells and Bows. The beginning was overwhelming however, Kristen held my hand all the way through. Just a few weeks in, I was seeing big time results in the mirror and in the gym. I PR’d every single lift – and at my age, those don’t come often! I’ve NEVER been more confident in how I looked which transferred to how I felt. Her methods really become a way of life and change your perspective on how you view food. It was a game changer for me. I was keeping up with my two busy boys and looking great for myself and my husband. If you are teetering on the ledge, jump in and try it. You have time and energy to lose, and YOURSELF to gain!”

Jamey Samuelson

I started with Barbells and Bows hoping to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, and build my confidence. I got so much more with Jami and Kristin! Jami supported me when I struggled to hit my macros or when I felt like my training was off. She supported not only my physical well being, but my mental health. When I had a life changing crisis in my life, Jami was there for me. Her check ins kept me sane. It’s not about creating an amazing before and after transformation for them. My biggest gains have been mentally. Sticking with it, trusting the process, and becoming someone who has a healthy relationship with food and training. They have created a strong group that understands the highs and sometimes lows of learning how to count macros and help you live the life you want! I can never thank them enough for everything they have done for me. I can’t wait to continue my journey with my fellow Barbells and Bows Squad!”

Danna Trout

I started working with Kristin at Barbells and Bows in November of 2016.  I continued working with her until I started recruit school for my dream career as a Fire Fighter/EMT in January 2017. In my short time with her, I learned so many things about how to keep my body fueled and healthy. As a weightlifter, I got leaner and my lifts got meaner. I even PR’d my front squat, snatch, and clean and jerk! I absolutely loved working with Kristin and experienced so many positive body changes in the weeks she was coaching me. She was very responsive to questions and concerns, providing unconditional support.  I always felt like I could be honest and open and that she truly had my best interest in mind. I can’t wait to work with her again after I graduate in July! I am so happy to have found the Barbells and Bows family, and would recommend them to ANYONE looking to grow or improve both mentally and physically.”

Jordan Nail