Coaching - Barbells & Bows
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Become A Member Of The Barbells & Bows Squad

Made for ANYONE. CrossFit Athlete, Weightlifter, Soccer Mom..

All of us can benefit from fueling the body with proper macronutrient ratios for their lifestyle.

The program includes getting individualized macronutrient programming and coaching for success towards your goals. The progress is monitored and programming is updated with weekly check-ins from an assigned coach. We have 3 coaches at Barbells & Bows and they all have stellar reviews you can read below. Access to the Facebook Community is included in the membership which is a huge help to have a big support system at your fingertips 24/7! We do not do meal plans or grocery lists – this is flexible dieting and a way of life!

We are accepting new clients.

We will only take on individuals that are ready to work hard and follow the program as well as having the budget for several months of coaching to see results over timeThe average time period with us is about 6 months, but some clients stick with  us for years!

12 Week Minimum Required For New Clients

This is an automatic subscription, cancel anytime through PayPal.

You will fill out a detailed intake form after payment.

$175 Every 6 Weeks

Barbells & Bows Pro Membership:

Available for veteran B&B members longer than 6 months that do not need as much coaching but want to keep up their programming. Membership to the facebook community and nutrition programming with less check ins.


$115/6 weeks. Check Ins Bi-Monthly.

Email your current or former coach to set this up.

Meet Your Nutrition Coaches




NCSF Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist
28 years old from Atlanta, Georgia. Nationally ranked Olympic Weightlifter and Powerlifter. Owner of Barbells & Bows and head coach. Bachelor’s degree from University of Georgia.




NCSF Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist
31 years old from Sherman, Texas. Olympic Weightlifting competitor. Coach for Barbells & Bows. Bachelors of Nursing from East Central University.

…New coach coming soon!

Nutrition Coaching With Real Results

“Kristin helped me cut from 67kg to the 61-63kg range and it was the easiest cut of my life. I never felt super hungry and has been very sustainable; I am continuing to get to eat even more food now!”
Candace Goodson
“If I had a weekend planned out with my friends that involved food/drinking, Kristin was there to help me with my macros for the week so I could go into my weekend without worry.”
Amber Humphrey
“I had great success working with her for the 8+ months I was with her for nutrition coaching. She helped me achieve physique goals that I had not been able to obtain on my own after years and years of struggling.”
Lauren Golleher
“Kristin is always there to answer an email or a text at ALL hours of the day, is so supportive, encouraging, and genuinely excited when you do well. The support system from the Barbells and Bows community is priceless.”
Kellie Huston

What Will The Program Include?

  • Custom Nutrition Program

  • IIFYM based custom nutrition program that is updated weekly.
  • Initial Information Guide

  • The first few weeks are a HUGE learning experience. This is a lifestyle change, not just another diet.
  • Weekly Check-Ins

  • Macro adjustments made based on progress.
  • 24/7 Communication

  • Available via email.
  • Private Facebook Group

  • A GREAT tool and community for staying on track.
  • Blasts From Coach Pope

  • EXCLUSIVE tips, recipes, and advice. I’ll help you succeed with meet prep, making weight, CrossFit Open Preparation, and more.

12 Weeks Minimum Required For New Clients

This is an automatic subscription, cancel anytime.

You will fill out a detailed intake form after payment.

$175 Every 6 Weeks